Our patent bureau help you to protect, manage and enforce your intellectual property rights on a global perspective. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can have full confidence in working with us to achieve the best possible outcome.

We are experienced working with large corporates, smaller and medium sized business, start-ups, academic institutions, public research organizations and individual inventors. We can quickly grasp and understand your unique business objectives and intellectual property needs.


Obtaining valuable intellectual property is the basis for the effective protection of your creative and innovative labor. The value of an intellectual property resides not only in its validity but also in its suitability for enforcement in court. Many of the difficulties of litigation stems from avoidable shortcomings during prosecution.

A primary requirement for effective drafting, filing and prosecution is a thorough understanding of the ideas involved, combined with excellent communicative skills to obtain all relevant information from an inventor or creative. In many cases, it is only during the interviews with clients that the new and innovative aspects are identified.

Our approach is to provide qualified recommendations rather than simply asking for instructions from the client. This applies to all issues arising during the course of an application from filing to grant.

– Drafting
– Filing and Prosecution
Utility Models
– Drafting
– Filing and Prosecution
– Filing and Prosecution
Plant Varieties
Supplementary Protection Certificates


Patent searches are undertaken using either publicly available databases, such as those found online at the TR, EPO, WIPO, USPTO, and JP Patent Office websites, or subscription based commercial databases, such as Minesoft’s PatBase, Thompson’s World Patent Index, or INPADOC.

We also provide design searches, including domestic searches and identical searches worldwide. Design searches are undertaken using either publicly available databases, such as those found online at EUIPO and WIPO websites or via subscription-based commercial databases, such as Marquesa and Corsearch.

– Novelty search and patentability
– Freedom to operate
– Technology area analysis
– Preliminary registered design searches

IP Management

Intellectual Property is about more than just prosecution and enforcement. A properly managed IP portfolio can generate revenue for an organization by protecting its investments, balancing its asset maintenance costs.

Our management service uses a case management software developed by our team, tailored to intellectual property profession. Our software tracks due dates and deadlines and provides regular reminders of forthcoming deadlines to us and, if you wish, also to you.

– Watching of design registers
– Monitoring of patent registers
– Competitor monitoring
Portfolio management
– Annual fees and renewals
– Transfers and name changes
– Licensing and Tech Transfer
– Creating an IP strategy
– Valuation of patents

IP Legal Services

We act on behalf of plaintiffs to enforce their intellectual property against infringers, and in defence of those accused of infringing the intellectual property of others. Our experience also includes opposition proceedings, patent invalidity actions and counter claims, patent re-examinations.

We prepare and negotiate the contracts and legal agreements that affect intellectual property rights—including confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements (“NDAs”), IP ownership agreements, joint development agreements, patent licensing agreements, and others.

– Consultation and drafting
– Non-Disclosure Agreements
– Oppositions and invalidation proceedings
– Litigation
Other legal services
– Due Diligence
– Employee inventions
– Translations

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