Short peptides T 2944/18

The contested claim of main request includes structural features of the peptides in 1D representations. The appellant builds an argument on the functionality of the claimed peptides, based on their structural features.
However board views the claimed peptides are not novel over a Article 54 (3) EPC document. Auxiliary request shifts the category of the claims from product claims to first medical use claims. The board remits the case to the examining division for further prosecution.

Antibodies with variant Fc regions T 1856/16

The invention relates to antibodies comprising a variant Fc region. The interaction of antibody-antigen complexes with cells of the immune system results in a wide array of responses, ranging from so-called “effector” functions, such as antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), mast cell degranulation, and phagocytosis, to immunomodulatory signals such as regulating lymphocyte proliferation and antibody secretion. By modifying the affinity of the Fc region to its receptor, cellular responses to the antibody can be modulated.